Trouble with web interface


I’ve had some issues with the SketchUp web version, and thought I should mention them before disappearing. I had been using SketchUp, because I think it does “repeat this every 15 degrees” really well. But…

I had to log-in on a lap-top that I don’t use very often. But Chrome syncs my passwords so it shouldn’t have been an issue. But apparently because SketchUp uses so many different sites -,, etc. - Chrome was unable to pull up the password that SketchUp wanted.

So I clicked “Forgot password”. No biggee.

But after I logged in, all my drawings were gone.

I don’t believe that I simply created a new account because I went back to a laptop that used to work and, without re-logging-in, it shows all my work gone too.

I can’t use a product that may delete my work, even if it’s free. And I don’t know if I can trust the pay-for version either, right?



you should save your files locally…or on your own cloud account…and on trimble. Then if your computer dies or trimble “loses” them you’ve a couple of options…


Hi mics,

Thanks for the suggestion, but years later, Tinkercad hasn’t lost a single drawing, without me having to do anything. Also, the point of a web interface is that I can go to any machine - work from home or work - without the local copy. shrug. I’m not sure what makes it so difficult for SketchUp/Trimble.



You might also make a note of your passwords.


I don’t think your experience is typical. I’ve been using SketchUp for over 15 years now including SketchUp Free since it was released and I’ve never lost a single SketchUp file.


Hi again mics,

As I said, I didn’t mind going through the “Forgot my password” flow, but are you really suggesting that I should get into the habit of giving my SketchUp password to random sites that are not There’s a problem here; I’ve tried to provide feedback; I’ll be bowing out now.



I didn’t suggest giving your passwords to anyone. I suggested you make a note of them so when asked you know what they are. Sorry you’re having difficulties.


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