Trouble importing a .dwg


I just upgraded to Sketchup Pro mostly so I can import and work on cad files. I have a simple floor plan of a house created in Autocad that I cannot import to SP. Lewis 1st flr.dwg (45.3 KB)
any help please?


What version of AutoCAD?

I tried opening it in DoubleCAD and it fails there, too. I think you need to go back to AutoCAD and export it again. Save it as an older version or use the DXF format.


it is version


SketchUp 2018 was released before the updated importer for ACAD 2018 DWG files was available. Save it back to an older ACAD version and try uploading that.


Thanks folks, Yes indeed having the CAD saved in an older (2012 I think) version solved the import issue. But now I have a single group I cannot edit. Ive trend elect all, elect none. unlock, etc. Thanks for any thoughts to help a newbie here.


Upload the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got.


Begin by studying this SketchUp Help Article
Importing and Exporting CAD Files — SketchUp Help

You will need to open the DWG in AutoCAD and then save a copy of it as an earlier AutoCAD version.

The CAD import becomes a Component in SketchUp.
• Right click on the geometry in the Component.
In the Context Menu that appears, select … Edit Component

See this SketchUp video tutorial:



Thank you so much for the help and the video