Trouble getting everything to show in key shot

I have set up a display unit with the correct packaging skins (by importing the image and laying on the correct faces) and cut out holder section etc in sketchup but when I bring it in to Keyshot none of the cut outs are showing correctly.
I can turn off the ‘skins’, and it shows the model correctly (with cut outs), is this something to do with Sketchup or the way I’m saving. Any help would be appreciated I feel this is a bit of a brick wall! Thank you.

I expect you need to contact the author of Keyshot but I wonder about your model. Are you importing the images as images or are you using them as textures? It’s entirely possible that Keyshot doesn’t “do” images. Some rendering applications don’t.

Ah! I imported them as images. Can I get the same result by using it as a texture? I’ll try. Thank you.

Same result? It’s hard to say without seeing your model.

Left is Sketchup. I imported each face of the packaging.

Is the cut out section on the front a transparent area in the image? apply the image as a texture and the cut out should be there. Evidently Keyshot doesn’t render the transparent portion of the image as transparent.

Did you draw the front of the box with the cut out area?

Thank you so much!! Texture is the way forward!!