Image loss after exporting

Here is my problem, I have placed a jpg on my model as a image, and tried it separately as a material. It shows up in SketchUp just fine. I go to export it as a fbx and when importing it into both blender and vectary the images seemed to be disappeared yet the img file is loaded in. What am I missing, maybe a incorrect fbx preference? Its probably a simple issue I just can’t seem to figure it out. I’m using SketchUp Pro 2021.

Is Export Texture Maps enabled in the export options? When the image is applied as a texture is it applied to a front face?

Your profile says you are using Shop.

I just bought Pro, and swapped it on my profile. Yes export texture maps is enabled. If the texture is applied to the face but is on the back it wouldn’t show up in SU anyways right? It does show on the model

No. If the texture is applied to the back face, it would show in the model. Upload your SketchUp model file so we can see what you have.

Cassette Holder Tower.skp (359.3 KB)

I exported the FBX file of your model and I got the texture image in a folder in the same directory as expected. Are you not getting that folder?
Cassette (68.3 KB)

If by texture image you mean .jpg then yes. When I export I get the folder containing only the image, then a seperate fbx file outside of the folder.

That’s what you’re supposed to get.

Hmmm…ok, maybe its the fault of other programs when importing then. That’s when imgs tend to disappear.