Making transparent background for tree cutout

Hi, I am a Sketchup beginner using the software for a campus planning internship, and I’m making tree cutouts that look like the image below:

My question is, how do I get rid of the white background? The image that I’m using is in JPEG format and has a transparent background otherwise, but when I import it as a texture, it has the white background again. To be clear, I’m first importing the photo as an image, outlining it using freehand, and then cutting it out and reimporting the image as a texture. I know this seems like a longwinded process but I want this file to be as small as possible for rendering reasons, due to the large amount of trees I will need. Any tips are appreciated, thanks!

don’t use a JPG.

JPG don’t have an alpha layer, meaning they can’t have transparency.
If you use a PNG or a TIFF, you can have transparency.

Right now, your method is fine, but you need to pre work the image outside of sketchup, in an image editing software that allows you to remove the background and export the image as a background-free png or tiff.

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Ok thank you! I’ll try this out.

also, no need to export and reimport as a texture.

if you explode your image, it becomes a simple face with the texture on it :slight_smile: