Trouble Getting A Trial Extension

Hello! I’m having a hard time getting an extension. Somebody I met at a woodworking event recently told me about a plugin called “Slicer” and I think I found it here:

There’s an option to “Start Trial from Sketchup” which I’d like to use to see if it’s something I want to pay for, but when I click on the trial button, a message pops up that says “To start a trial for this extension, please navigate to this page from inside SketchUp and select “Start Trial” again.
I’ve looked at some of the links regarding installing extensions but I don’t see the things these articles are telling me to click on. Am I retarded? Can anybody help me figure out how I can do that trial? I use Sketchup on my iPad Pro (which I think you cannot use extensions, correct?) and I’m using Sketchup in my browser as well.
Any help is appreciated!


You cannot use extensions with SketchUp for iPad or SketchUp for Web. You would need to be using SketchUp Pro (desktop) to be able to use any extensions.

ah, that’s lame. thanks for the info.