Can you install extensions and/or plugins to a trial version of desktop SketchUp Pro 2019?

I was wondering if someone might have a quick answer for me regarding the use of plugins and extensions with the 30-day free trial of SketchUp Pro 2019.
I tried to install the Bezier Tool and it appears as unsigned in the Extension Manager, even though it is a free SketchUp written extension. I am therefore unable to use the fore-mentioned extension.
Help? :'D

Yes. You can install extensions in the trial version. Unsigned doesn’t mean anything unless you set the loading policy too strict. Unsigned doesn’t mean you can’t use it. That extension will work fine.

Thanks so much for your reply Dave.
I suppose I am a bit confused because I have no idea how to access the tool in a session.
Is there something I’m missing or forgetting?

When in doubt, refer to the Extension Warehouse page for the extension.