Trouble creating Note 5 aluminum rim - Convex curved shapes (RoundCorners issue, follow tool is a no go)

Hey there!

note 5 rim (user attempt).skp (812.3 KB)

The picture and sketchup file in this submission is not mine, and is a users version of a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. I’ve erased everything but the rim for simplicity, and it seems the user was having basically the same issue as me with some overlapping (although he/she was able to get somewhat of a bevel in there somehow).

My goal is to perfect this curved rim and add a beautifully blended bevel along the edge of that rim. I am trying to use this method to create a complex Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which is basically the same shape.

How did the user manage to create such a variation in rims curves (the top curve being different than the side, yet it blends so nicely around the corners??!), and also manage to add a bevel to such a curve?

I’ve used RoundCorners for simple shapes successfully, and have managed to create a very basic mesh that I could use to subtract from a rectangle, but things get way out of hand when trying to add a bevel. RoundCorners seem to give me overlapping no matter how I scale or which level of offset / points the curve has, and the followme tool creates too much overlapping to use the 3d shape as a subtract element in order to cut it from the main shape manually.

Any help is much appreciated!!

have you tried Fredo’s NEW and improved round corner plugin?

Yes I’m currently using 3.2, the Apr 18th build (latest AFAIK)

The new is called Fredocorner

@whiterabbitdesigncompany was referring to FredoCorner (currently V 1.1f).
Have you tried a combination of BezierSpline and CurviLoft for the corners?

Thanks for the clarification on the Fredo tool name !!

Have you seen this tutorial with the modeling of a phone?
In SketchUp, you might need to use the Vertex Tools plug-in.

Something like this…

Any idea why im getting an error “Catena pursue” 3 times followed by a “Kette brane pursue” error message?


Nope! I do not know what that means.
What language is your system and SketchUp?

That are error messages from FredoCorner, you should report them in the extension topic at SketchUcation.