Trimble Connect share before assimilate

H All,

Just a quick question. Do you have to wait for the model to assimilate before you can share it?
I have never managed to get this to work on anything but tiny tiny files so I must be doing something wrong.

I update the file to Connect and then share. Is there anything else that I should be doing???

Thank people.

upload that is

This is all I ever get in the viewer when it opens


It would be good if you could share the model with us to see. Sometimes TC for Windows works best with large models. If you want to give that a go >> and if it loads properly >> then you can create a TrimBIM file out of it >> to view and interact with on the web version of TC as well.

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Thanks for responding. I must be doing something wrong as no big file - and most of my files are big - has ever opened. This one is 234MB. I get the message above every time. I can’t share the file as it is confidential sadly.

What browser do you use?

Sometimes, it helps to clear the cache.
If a model has problems loading or taking to long, you can click on the loading icon again to trigger it.

Hi Mike, I use Edge but I will try it on Chrome to see if I have the same issue. I will try clearing the cache to see if that helps.

Hi @Grey,

I totally understand about the confidentiality of the file. Can I ask you to try downloading Trimble Connect for Windows here (assuming you are on a windows machine) and see if you can get the model to load.

If you are able to get it to load on there then we can create a TrimBIM file that should easily load on the web version as well.