Trimble Connect Publish Model Permission Error

Tying to publish a model from Desktop to Trimble Connect.
You do not have permission to perform this action. Please request permission from the project administrator.”
If I log into Trimble Connect I am the admin and I have permission to the directories. I can upload the files directly to Trimble Connect via a browser.
I cannot upload through Sketchup.
I own the model.
We have 3 x Pro licenses.
All users specifically have Full Access to the Folders, with permissions to this folder and all its subfolders.
Anyone any idea where to look for the potential permission issue?
I could do this last week, not sure what has changed on my side since then.

Try signing out in SketchUp through the help menu and then quit SketchUp, and start it up again.

Potential permissions might be overruled in the sync settings:

Best to have it set to default

sync settings are set to the default
Log out, quit sketchup, start sketchup, log in
same error unfortunately.

What version of Trimble Connect extension is being used?

[menu] Extensions > Extension Manager, expand

Sketchup 2023/0.419 64 bit
Extension Manager 2.0.9