Trim tool is not allowing me to trim multiple items

Normally i have been able while using the trim tool to use the 1st selected item to trim multiple items. After selecting trim and the first item, i could then select anything #1 intersected and it would trim it, and after each trim i was able to select another item that was intersecting. But now after trimming the first object everything resets and I can’t trim anything else. i have to start over and select trim and the 1st object all over again. Have i toggled something off, or has that feature been removed?

Is this in SketchUp 2021 as your profile says you’re using? Is this with the native Trim tool?

No. SketchUp Pro - Version 23.0.419 64-bit

Yes using the native trim tool.

OK. That has been reported and the developers know about it. Hopefully there’s a fix coming soon.

You might have a look at Bool Tools 2. It doesn’t have this problem and it respects components.

Thanks for updating your profile.

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