Trim object from distinct sub-groups

This is a silly question, but I can’t seem to solve it and spend a lot of time working around it. In my attached SKP file there is a red object and a blue object that belong in different branches of the Outliner. I’ve added a lot of copies just to make my point more realistic as if in a complex model. My only task is to trim the blue object with the red object. So, this becomes a two part question.

  1. Is there any way to trim the blue object without moving it down the hierarchy and into the x->y->z parent group (or of course moving the red object up to the a->b parent groups).

  2. Assuming you can’t, is there any way to temporarily move the red object into the a->b group without dragging and dropping it (cut and paste would be a great addition to sketchup)? I often get lost in models where I haven’t labelled all the groups as to where to return the object to and dragging and dropping slows me down and adds to the confusion.

TrimExample.skp (195.2 KB)



Edit->copy and Edit->Paste In Place are your best friends for this. You can’t select anything that isn’t in the current edit context, so a certain amount of moving up and down the nesting hierarchy is unavoidable. For that, the Outliner is the quickest way.

Hi Mihai.s, I purposely made the shapes complex so that it would be difficult to choose the method you chose. I will use that method when the shapes are simple, but when they get complex, your method is too time consuming.

But thanks!

Are you overthinking it.
It’s not hard to copy or cut and paste in place.
Cut paste

Hi Box,

Perhaps I’m over thinking it. But, could you finish your little clip and put the red one back where it came from in the hierarchy? I suppose you could copy instead of cut, then immediately hide the red, then paste, trim, delete, and unhide last?


Basically if you use copy there is nothing else needed to do.

Copy paste

What happened to the copy did you just delete it?? In any case, you are right, I was overthinking it. It is a perfect solution. Thanks.

I used solid tools subtract, so it is removed as part of the process.

Ah, I have to learn all those pesky options, too :grinning: ?? So far I only use Trim. Thanks so much that is the solution I was looking for.