How to remove part of an object

I’m using sketchup web.
Not sure what to label what I need to do. I think I need to use the trim tool, but I can’t get it to do what I need. When I search on how to do this, it is sometimes called trimming/slicing/subtracting.

I have a solid rectangle. I want to remove a portion of it.
The part of it removed is at an angle and a specific distance from two corners of the rectangle.
The part removed is across the total width of the rectangle. The trim tool doesn’t allow me to use it at specific distance along two of the rectangle dimensions. I’ve attached an image of how I need to the object to look. After attaching the image, I realized it isn’t particularly useful. The shaded area is what should be removed. The area removed is entire width of the rectangle.

Sorry if this is not explained very well. I don’t know the sketchup terminology.

It’s a solid block (not a solid rectangle (that’s 2D)) once you group the entire blockś geometry.
But that’s ok for now, still raw geometry.
Draw an edge with the ‘Line’ tool at the right angle on the front face.
Then push the triangular face with the ‘Push/Pull’ tool towards the edges or a vertice on the back and let go of the Left mouse button. The wedge formed by the triange will vanish.

Maybe… cuboid? :wink:

I used the inspector to verify it is a solid.

Thanks. This looks easier than I thought it would be. Didn’t think of using the line, but I recall seeing that somewhere else. Didn’t remember it until you mentioned it. However, I don’t see a way to locate the line a specific distance from the vertex of the edges.

does not have to…

OK. I created guideline using the line tool at the points I needed. However, now I can’t use the push/pull to remove it. The status bar displays “Click to select face…”, Ctrl toggle to create a new face", etc.
None of those options allows me to select a face.

OK. I finally got it to work. Not sure of all the steps. Tried several things. Had to double click on the object, then edit it, etc. Finally, some sequence of clicks that I’m not sure of allowed me to push the part out to remove it. Thanks.

Might be a good idea to visit the Sketchup Campus at There you can get some training on Sketchup basics.

Indeed this is how the SketchUp UI works for editing components and groups (collectively called “objects” in some literature). At any given moment, SketchUp is in some “editing context”. The default state is the context of the entire model. If there is any “loose geometry” (edges and faces) that are not part of any object, that loose geometry can only be edited when in the editing context of the complete model. If there are objects in the model, operations on the entire object (such as Move and Scale) can be done when in the context of the complete model. To make changes to the entities (such as edges and faces) within an object or to add new entities, the object must be opened for editing which places SketchUp in the context of that object. Double-click, or right-click and choose Edit Component or Edit Group from the popup context menu, to open the object. If the object has nested objects, open them to enter their nested context in order to make changes to the sub-objects.

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