Trim for 2D groups & components

SU has a native Trim tool under Solid Tools that enables you to cut a solid section out of a group/component using another.

Is there an extension that extends this facility to 2D work? So, if you had one 2D group/component overlapping another, you could use the extension to cut a section out with another one?

I realize that there are workarounds, such as moving one item above the other in the Z axis.

2d simplex bool

by Skelion

Trim, intersect, union, subtract, split faces.

Interesting. Too bad it doesn’t work with components. I could put that to good use if it did.

@DaveR . there is a method for that:

Introducing the PCMOOR-method:

Wrap the group in a component.

Fantastic! Thanks Philip.

You’re right, it doesn’t. I wonder why not?

Yes. I know that is possible. Added work.

Not sure what you’re up to there, Jack. You’re working in 3D!

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Always! (we all do, actually)

I was showing that there is a workaround for that, a method that @pcmoor often uses in Dynamic Components, namely the ‘double wrapping’ of components or groups.
It has some other benefits, too.

Do you think @TIG could be persuaded to add the function to his 2D toolset and perhaps make it work with components as well as groups?