SU and Eneroth Solid Tools - No Function - With component in group?

So newby here with SU2019. Have been pouring over vid’s and tutorials, playing/learning on timberframe cabin designs. Unfortunately, with Clark Bremer’s “TF Extension” not supported by my SU2019 (please correct me if there’s a work around), I’ve had to find some alternative ways to “trim” out joinery.

I’ve been using the solid tools “trim” function on the mortise and tenon joinery to do this. Especially enjoying Eneroth’s Solid Tools extension as it flows better and doesn’t change my component name. In the interest of keeping the modelling tidy I’m using outliner and grouping components into groups, but once a component is “grouped” I can no longer use either of the solid tools with it. It in fact seems to copy over the grouped components (with Eneroth’s) into a subgroup under the component that was trying to be cut?

If I explode the group into its individual components, I then have functionality of them for solid tools. Is this standard? Or am I erring in my modelling somehow? Be nice to continue to use solid tools without having to tear apart a group each time one wants to use a component to trim, then regrouping and renaming.


Yes. This is normal. You need to be able to click on the solid components/groups.

Might be that you are doing too much nesting. I prefer to leave nesting until after I’ve done at least most of the component editing.

Perfect. Thanks Dave

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