Trim and Keep (Solid Tools) "selection not manifold"



Hi guys

Just been playing around with “trim and keep” with a wooden garden arch. I get an error “selection not manifold” seemingly when I try to use the plugin on a nested component.
When I explode the nest it works fine (or one part did)

I am new to this plugin so it’s probably me, do I have to use the plugin before I nest the components? Or is it something else?


No its just one component that wont select whether its nested or not.


Trim and Keep just uses the Pro Solid Tools to do its work so this error is coming from Solid Tools. I didn’t attempt to rewrite boolean operations for Trim and Keep - Trim and Keep just cleans-up after SOlid Tools to keep Components instead of converting the to groups.


Thanks for the info, I’ll investigate a bit further in that case, Its probably me to be honest, it usually is!

Thanks again


Yep not a solid, told you so!

Didn’t realise it was using solid tools, like I say I’ve not had it long.
I just didn’t understand the "selection not manifold error"
Great plugin though, can see it being used quite a bit.

Thanks again


If Entity Info does not show a component as being a Solid, then Solid Tools will not work on it, and so neither will Trim and Keep.