Trim and Keep (Solid Tools) "selection not manifold"

Hi guys

Just been playing around with “trim and keep” with a wooden garden arch. I get an error “selection not manifold” seemingly when I try to use the plugin on a nested component.
When I explode the nest it works fine (or one part did)

I am new to this plugin so it’s probably me, do I have to use the plugin before I nest the components? Or is it something else?


No its just one component that wont select whether its nested or not.

Trim and Keep just uses the Pro Solid Tools to do its work so this error is coming from Solid Tools. I didn’t attempt to rewrite boolean operations for Trim and Keep - Trim and Keep just cleans-up after SOlid Tools to keep Components instead of converting the to groups.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll investigate a bit further in that case, Its probably me to be honest, it usually is!

Thanks again

Yep not a solid, told you so!

Didn’t realise it was using solid tools, like I say I’ve not had it long.
I just didn’t understand the “selection not manifold error”
Great plugin though, can see it being used quite a bit.

Thanks again

If Entity Info does not show a component as being a Solid, then Solid Tools will not work on it, and so neither will Trim and Keep.

Trim and Keep performs the trim correctly but there is a wrinkle: It removes the Tag on the “Keeper” piece. Never noticed that before. So joinery is fine but I have to go back and re-Tag pieces afterwards. It appears to be happening on MAC as observed by myself and others. @DaveR, using windows 10, also did a check but the keeper piece remains tagged.

In the attached file trim and keep test tags.skp. After I do a Trim and Keep with the Tenon Piece as the “Cutter” and the Mortise Piece as the “Keeper”, the Tag “Mortise Piece” changes to untagged .

Would you be able to look at the code and see why this is happening ?


trim and keep test tags.skp (747.2 KB)

You would likely not know, but Jim withdrew from the SketchUp community a few years ago, including removing all of his excellent extensions from sketchUcation. I don’t speak for him, but be aware that he is unlikely to reply or to update trim and keep.

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Use Eneroth’s Solid Tools free extension

They are definitely something to have but @zaz1 has also had problems with Trim in Eneroth Solid Tools failing, too. Actually I have had prblems once in awhile with them, too.

I have Bool Tools 2, Eneroth Solid Tools and Jim’s old Trim and Keep. Of the three, Trim and Keep has been the most bullet proof of them all but they all have their places. I know it’s extremely unlikely that Jim willl ever make any updates to his Trim and Keep, I’ll continue to use it as long as it works.

It’s unclear to me why zaz1 and I have different experiences with the tag association being changed. I don’t have the problem at all.

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Dave, @slbaumgartner Steve and @pcmoor Phillip:
Thanks for the status on @jim_foltz. I posted to possibly get his attention as Trim and Keep is one of my most used and reliable extensions, especially for woodworking. The UnTagging issue seems to be quite recent and will be a nuisance. At least the Trimming works flawlessy even when some of the other extensions dont.

As Dave mentioned, I have BoolTools2 and Eneroth Solid Tools and both have issues which dont appear with Trim and Keep.

My issues with Bool Tools2 appear in the link below. At the time, I also opened a technical support ticket with MindSight Studios. I’m hoping @Whaat and his team will provide a resolution.

Maybe Trim in the native Solid Tools will be improved soon as a fix. :roll_eyes:


@zaz1 brought to my attention some issues with trim-and-keep on recent versions of SketchUp.

Although I can’t maintain the code, I have posted the code here under the permissive free software MIT license so that anyone who was restricted by the lack of license can now make changes.

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