Triangulated faces driving me crazy!



hi guys and girls,

i’ve been working with sketchup for a few years now but something keeps happening to me, and now I’ve had enough.
when I try to delete a plane in my model, i have to delete it piece by piece. it’s just a square plane, but it apparently consists of several triangles. there are no edges visible, but it’s really annoying if i want to delete or extrude a plane.
does anyone else have this problem or know the solution?

thanks in advance!


There are a number of possibilities. Most common is that the “plane” has been distorted so the vertices are no longer on the same plane. Have you ever turned on Hidden Geometry? Have you ever checked the coordinates of the vertices of the “plane”?


yes I can see the dotted lines now, thanks! how do I keep this from happening in the future? because I didn’t do any strange things to make this plane…


It’s hard to tell you how to prevent it. It depends on what caused it. Can you erase those hidden edges without losing the face?


no when i delete one of the hidden edges the face deletes as well


So look at the coordinates of the vertices and figure out which one(s) is different from the others.


thanks a lot for your help!


Did you check the coordinates? Did you find one that is off?


FYI, planes are infinite virtual objects (used under the hood by tools) in SketchUp geometry. I re-titled this topic accordingly, as you are asking about triangulated faces.