Weird triangles on the face. Help?

Why are the faces freaking out? can someone help me fix it? what’s the problem?

It looks like you are having more than one face in the same plane. (Is one face part of a group or component?) They cause Z-fighting, meaning that one or the other or parts of them will be visible on screen. This fighting chages when orbiting, causing flickering all kinds of triangles. Try to get rid of one face.

They don’t flicker. They are idividual faces. There is a big one and lots of small ones. When i get rid of a face, there’s nothing there, just the world.

Without ‘Hidden Geometry’ on I couldn’t see the separate hidden edges between faces.
So on this case you seem to have several faces joined faces that are not coplanar. Try to move their vertices to one and the same plane. Then you can star removing the edges between coplanar faces.
P.s. share the model here if possible. Makes explaining easier.

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There was a ton of hidden geometry. I deleted it, and it all works fine now. Thank you! It worked!

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