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Hi all,

I have undesire vertices that appears in many different places of my model and I have a hard time trying to figure out how to resolve that problem. Perhaps I moved something by accident with the move tool which might have created this issue, I do not know…
My goal is to clean all the faces in order to start the rendeling and It is impossible to delete them because if I do it, it erases my face, and if I try to recreate the face, the face stays divide with these vertices.
I precise that these vertices can be invisible in my model but they still are present.
If someone knows how to do please let me know!
Thank you!

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If vertices are not in the same plane due to moving one or more vertices, SketchUp needs to divide the outer loop of edges into triangles to maintain a facetted surface, In your case you may have moved the lower right corner out of plane of the others. Maybe just moving it back in place might let you delete the “diagonal” edges again without loosing a face.
Could you share the file here?

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