Triangular surfaces - quad surface


Is it possible to make these triangular surfaces to quad surfaces?
test.skp (132.7 KB)



“Quad face tools” has an option to do that.

at first i thought it was a tube with coplanar faces, but as its a compound curve the quads would need to spiral around it?



Yes, it is!

You could use Blender:

The simplest and best result is InstantMeshes, but it still depends on what you need.



If you simply go around and “soften” the diagonal edges on your model, then that’s recognised as quads as it is.

I imagine there are numerous possibilities to creating quads for these forms. If you use Curviloft it creates quad geometry and you have the added bonus of a few options with the form of the shape too. I tried Curviloft with the end two rings of your shape.

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I’m not sure about that “green check in”. Not really quad faces.



@mihai.s is right. These are not real quad faces.



nor is a square in 3D graphics, everything is made from triangles…

within SU, Fredo’s tools generate Quads as they comply with TT’s definition used by most extension authors that utilise SU quads…

from the link…

  • Native quad face, face with four vertices.

  • Two triangles, joined by an edge with the following properties:

  • Soft = true

  • Smooth = true

  • Cast Shadows = false

  • Border edges can have any property, just not all of them.

  • Faces that makes up a QuadFace cannot have holes in them.

they may not be seen as quads in other apps, but that wasn’t a stated requirement in the OP…

@ecati, do you wish to ‘export’ a different form of ‘quad’ definition?

first, you need to move all the edges to the same layer, Layer0 is deemed best for raw geometry…




When I wanted to do a Tube Map with Sketchuv, it gave an error. So I wanted to ask if these surfaces could be quad. I got Layer0.
test1.skp (160.4 KB)



Not sure if running your shape thru quad tools and adjusting results in a true quad model?



I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are after, is it true quads or SU Quads. Sketchup doesn’t actually have true quads, they are always triangulated.
QFT’s Convert Triangulated Mesh to Quads doesn’t always get them right, but you can harden the edges on the wrong ones and go again.