How to change geometry in sketchup

I would like to know if it is possible to modify the geometrical shapes used in sketchup to make a shape?
For example, if I make a curved shape, sketchup will automatically create several triangles to make this shape. Can I change this so that instead of triangles, it uses rectangles?
i hope i’ve explained my self correctly
sorry for my english i do with translator ^^

Search Google with using quads with sketchup.

Yes you can, the easiest way is using the plugin QuadFaceTools from thomthom, it has a tool that automatically converts triangles to quads, it’s not perfect and sometimes the results aren’t the desired, you can also convert to quads triangles natively, you must select the hypotenuse of the triangles you want to convert to quads the go to entity info, tick the two boxes that say smooth and soften and uncheck the cast shadow icon.

how … thank you for your answer … it was easy ^^

thanks, I’ll have a look at it