Is Sketchup a parametric modeller

Hi, Is it possible to change the dimensions to change the length of things or click on a line and edit its preassigned value? Is Sketchup a parametric modeller? Thx.

No. SketchUp is a surface modeller. In SketchUp it would be a contradiction if you changed the length of an edge that is connected to other geometry that must follow the change (and there are infinite possiblities, e.g. distort directly neighboring geometry or move whole parts). SketchUp does not have a system of equations and does not keep track of the user’s intention how geometry depends on each other and what other geometric entities need to be updated when one entity changes.

Instead of changing the length of one edge to stretch a part, you would select the whole part and move all that needs to be moved.

SketchUp however has a feature called “dynamic components” into which you can build-in parametric properties.

In addition, a lot of extensions provide powerful, editable parametric features like Profile Builder, PlusSpec, MODELLUR etc.


Just adding to the list of ‘parametric extensions’

Viz Pro

actually, SketchUp is a polygon modeler.

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