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I am not 25% sure of how sketch up works yet, but is there a way to select multiple lines and somehow relate them to each other so if I dimension one of them, they all change.? I know that component mode does something simular, but what I’m looking for is if I need those 4 lines to be different heights but same length, I can set a relation:) thanks

I do not know if that’s what you’re talking about but to select several lines at the same time: hold CTRL and select your lines with the mouse

Additionally, you say:

This makes no sense as lines (edges, to use the correct SketchUp terminology) have only two endpoints and the distance between them (aka Length). Lines don’t have two linear dimensions.

Here is a pic of what i mean. Notice lines 1-4 are different lengths. If i used some sort of relation, and set it to equal. It would bind them so that the dims of those line would always be equal to eachother. So if i changed just one of the dimms, it would change all of them, adjusting them to the correct length

I have done something simular in other programs that i dont have the money for haha

You could make on of the lines into a component, copy the start of the component edge to where you want the other lines to start, then open any component for editing and type the new length into Entity Info while the line is selected. Then all the others will change to the same length as the original.

If you later want to return the lines (edges) to ‘loose geometry’ then you can select all the edge components, and explode them.

There’s no way I know of to do it for loose edges not components.

I that case, the answer is that you can’t do it in SketchUp (I’m 95% certain).

SketchUp is not a parametric modeling program.

While Dynamic Components (DC) provides some elements of parametric modeling, in your case you’d need to have other geometries (the vertical lines) move in order to adjust to changes in the length of the indicated edges. Additionally, the bottom horizontal line would also need to auto adjust it’s length (I’m assuming you’d want all angles to remain 90 degrees.) To have geometry move with respect to other geometry under control, they have to be part of the same component, as components isolate geometry specifically to avoid interaction.

If you really need this exact functionality, I have to recommend you use Fusion360 - which is free to all unless you use it in business that grosses $100,000/year.

In your drawing they aren’t equal to each other. Are you trying to make them so they are all the same length? Or do you want them all to have the same proportional length change when you change the overall length of the shape?

How would you use this in a real model? What benefit would it provide?

Thank you for the reply:) what is a parametric modular? I know what it is in calculus and physics but not in the modeling world haha.

I guess when one variable is dependant on another?

I don’t need it. Its nice, but not neexed

Dave, they are not same length for sure. Its used as a way to quickly constrain a drawing. I would set the top lines equal to each other, I would also set the bottom lines to colinear. Its main purpose is so that I can just draw a really rough 2d object, constrain it, dimension it, then finally extrude it

I think you’ll find it’s easier to draw accurately from the beginning rather than to draw “really rough” and then fix it afterwards.

The terms is “parametric modeling”, not “… modular”. And here’s a good definition:

Sjdorst. I totally ment modler haha, not modular.

Thanks for the link. I will read it

Dave. I do agree with you on that. I just know that in inventor or solidworks, they have this option. It might have been proof of concept. However, i liked that feature haha.

But i do know that sketchup pro is not a solid modler. I do love it though.


I may have misunderstood the question but if you make the lines into a group or component and then you use Scale to alter its size, all lines will lengthen (or shorten) in proportion. Is that what you are after?

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