Making Quad Face

This is a bicycle seat model. I used the Meahwrapper plugin to make a proper quadface, but no results. Is there another plugin or how to do it. Thank you.

test.skp (208.5 KB)

Did you try Quad Face Tools?

No. Because I don’t know how it can be done with Quad Face Tools.

Go to the documentation link on the Extension Warehouse page for the extension. Learn how to use it.

First, try to understand what quads are. Then, in this case, model only half.

green are quads

I know green is quad. But I don’t know how non-quad surfaces are made quad. It’s like half the model you made. Do you do it manually one by one or does Quad Face Tools do it automatically?

What do you have there, even if you make them quads automatically with QuadFace Tools, or manual, you will not have a correctly created surface. For a good texturing, you need quads as close as possible to the square shape.

What I really want to know is how did you create the right side surfaces as the left side smooth quad surfaces?

Adding loops.

You have several options at your disposal, the first would be to use only the Line tool.
You can use Vertex Tools… and so on.

Thank you so much.

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