Thru Paint - Quads on Curved Surfaces

Hi All, I am trying to use the plugin Thru paint the way they do in the tutorial video, but I cannot get it to work on a flat face that follows a curve. Quads are not automatically generated on flat faces, but Thru Paint seems to need this (see screenshot attached). I can manually go in and create the quads, but I’ve noticed that even when I do that, Quadface doesn’t recognized them as quads (ie, it shows up red).

Does anyone know how to turn these curved surfaced into quads in order to use Thru Paint the way they do in the tutorial? I show a clip from the video here…

One easy way is to use Split Sausage from TIG’s Split Tools which is available from Sketchucation.

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Thanks Dave, and what a great name for a plugin.

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