Creating curved channels (1/16" deep & 1/4" wide) in/on a curved surface


I am building model masters for a manufacturer. I am trying to create 3D art on a curved surface. Help!?!


There are many people here who would be more than happy to help you… what do you need help doing? Can you post a picture of what you hope to create?

Without knowing exactly what you want to do, check out Flowify… it will let you warp geometry onto any shape. Very cool and may be what you need!


Although this may not be applicable to develop 3d elements on curves, but some suggested videos and articles for projecting textures and images onto curved surfaces include:

and conversely to project a curve onto a flat surface:

If you are looking to place 3d objects on curves, you may want to explore the follow me tool or the Profile Builder 2 plugin.

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Aaron … I tried posting a JPEG and got an error message. How do I get a graphic and/or model to you ?




If I were doing it, I would draw the shape I want on the curved surface, push/pull then through the curved face and intersect the face with the new extrusion, then use Fredo’s Joint Push Pull to press the shape into the curve.

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So, the question becomes how to draw on a curved service. I’m sure there’s some good information on that, but I’ve never done it. :blush::blush::blush:

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I guess it depends on what you mean by “draw” on a curved surface… if you mean adding geometry, then using the Intersect Faces like I showed you is an option. If you are talking about projecting a texture/image onto a surface, then do what @jvleearchitects suggested.


@HMMerriam, judging by the picture you furnished, you’re not really putting the real curvy part of the pattern on a curved surface; just the two lines, thick and thin, are being swept around the curve.

If that’s the case, you need merely Push/Pull the pattern into the flat face and sweep the two lines around the curve using Follow Me. The “cookie cutter” method isn’t even necessary.