Curved edge? Making a line on a curved surface

Hey guys, I’m trying to get a line on a curved surface, but it won’t work. PLease help

Please show us exactly what you are trying to do so we can give you the proper help.

@rae Does this do what you want? It does assume that the line you want to create is on one plane.


One way…

Hi folks.

Another possibility for more complex curves is to:

1 - Start with a flat face.

2 - Draw the line on that flat face.

3 - Bend the face using a bending plugin like CLF Shape Bender.

Or, use Fredo6’s plugin Tools on Surface.

Just ideas.


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If the question is not for drawing a single line - “shape-bender” can do it with thousands of lines :

I had to switch off the lines because the objects would be deep black caused by megabytes of lines !
(I need that for 3D-printing an onion-roof with shindles).

For the curve I used the standard 24 sections. This dosn´t fit to some other parts - it would be better to obeye that

You can also use the slider on the soften/smooth tray.


The file behind this picture has 200.800 Kilobyte - I think it´s not a question of hidden geometry and so on.

I only wanted to mention “shape bender” and it´s possibillities.

Some people should know, that they have to wait. Unfortunately SketchUp shows no progression bar, but I like to say : wait for the succes ! It can take hours ! ( young people will not believe: in the 1980ies it needed weeks !