ThruPaint 2

ThruPaint 2 is an advanced Paint Tool. You can paint faces, edges and objects across the boundaries of groups and components. Paint & Drag extends painting to adjacent faces (or edges) and ensure continuity of textured materials.


ThruPaint 2 is a complete redesign of my old extension FredoTools::ThruPaint. It includes a new graphical user interface, with an embedded material browser, as well as some new features.

It is published at Sketchucation.

Here is a video presenting the main functions and changes


Hello Fredo,
Thank you! It looks like a very nice redesign of the original plugin.

I have a general question about your plugins:
Why are they only distributed on Sketchucation?
As a sketchup user, I find it easier to use the Extention Warehouse to install and update the plugins.
And I find it boring to go to sketchucation.
Your choice of Sketchucation is probably due to a particular motivation, but what is it?



I have been publishing my plugins on Sketchucation long before EWH existed (and Trimble bought Sketchup).

What prevents me to also put the RBZ on EWH is that the publishing process managed by Trimble is long, but, worse, unpredictable. It can take several weeks between the request for publishing and the actual publishing (last experience was over one month, just for a link). This is of course unacceptable for users (and for me). In comparison, on Sketchucation I can publish instantly. By the way, I will publish fixes to ThruPaint and LibFredo6 tomorrow.


Hi Fredo
I always use ThruPaint 1 for quick assign material to component.
I just update V2 and get this error messsage when paint material to connected faces.
What I should do to fix this error ? Thank you.

ThruPaint V2 Error_

I think the problem is that your UV Mode is ‘Quad Mesh’, whereas a cube is not a quad Mesh (hence the red face warning)…

I suggest you witch to Natural mode.


Oh Thank you very much. I will test and feedback.

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Thank you. Problem is solved :slight_smile:

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Hi Fredo,

Without blowing smoke, can I say that I could not do my job without your tools so thank you. Simple question, is Thrupaint 2 covered under your license for Thrupaint 1?

ThruPaint1 (i.e. part of FredoTools) is free. ThruPaint2 will become licensed as of 1 Feb 2023. It will be a separate license, not covered by the bundle.


Hi Fredo

You have created numerous plugins which have multiple levels of functions and variables.

I have used a Didier B plugin for color/colour which has a large range and whilst I have Fredo Tools but admit I had not picked up on your ‘color paint’ within it. Sorry, so many functions so little time.

Q: I was wondering what drives you to create these plugins - do you find you have a need for a type of plugin and go about creating it
do you experiment with the program language and find you can create these plugins - does that make sense?

Many thanks anyway.

Q: Also and a more general question on color/colour to all - I was curious as to the basis or origin of the standard range of sketchup colours - named (0001 to 0137) or unamed (A01 to M09).

The Named are actually standard CSS web colours

CSS/Properties/color/keywords - W3C Wiki


What is the correlation between the name and numbers and the CSS defn?
Named colors start at a curious 0001 Pale Violet Red or were they randomly numbered
Just curious…

Hi! I have a problem with the new version of ThruPaint. It doesn’t work.
I updated LibFredo6 to v13.4a, Sketchucation ExtensionStore to v4.2.9 and still shows me that “the version of ThruPaint v2.1b has expired. Please upgrade to the latest version.”
What can I do with that?

Rather than posting multiple time, known as double posting, something that is against forum rules, if you went to sketchucation, from which you would have downloaded the extension, you would find that Fredo has published a new version to fix the issue.

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Please upgrade to ThruPaint v2.2a, which solves the problem.

Sorry for inconvenience.


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Ok. I’m sorry. I didn’t know about that rule. In the futer i will be remember. Thx :slight_smile:
I was looking for newer version and I didn’t found that information anywhere, so I decided to write for help.
Thx and have a nice day :slight_smile:

You need Sketchucation Tools to check for updates for the extensions listed at Sketchucation. It is free.

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Fredo, I appreciate your great plugins and have purchased the bundle–thanks so much for making such useful plugins!

I am using sketchup 2022 on an M1 Max Pro MacBook Pro and have been using thrupaint v1 – so I went to upgrade to the latest version 2, installed LibFredo V13.4a and thrupaint2. For some reason, after I have installed the updated to LibFredo V13.4a, even with thrupaint2 not installed, sketchup crashes. I have tried multiple installs from within the sketchup manager and with the sketchucation manager installer – not matter what, the LibFredo V13.4a seems to be crashing the application. I have reverted my plugin folder back and it does not crash. . .any ideas on what I may doing wrong or how to resolve this?

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas how to resolve this issue!


I don’t have a Mac M1, but I know LibFredo6 v13.4a does work on the M1 processor.

Does the crash happen at startup of Sketchup?

Did you try to restart your Mac?

Could you manually remove the Fredo6_!LibFredo6 subfolder in the plugin directory and reinstall LibFredo6?