Thru Paint 2 license purchase

Hi Guys, I’m in a hurry and I need to purchase a license for Thru Paint 2. The plugin stop working this morning. When I’m in the plugin license window and I click on the button Obtain License, it brings me to this address ( and show me an error page: ERROR: Unknown plugin identifyer. Looks like the link is broken.
I check on the Sketchucation plugin webpage and no where it offers me to purchase a license. Is anybody on this forum can point me out where I can purchase a license. Thank you.

Make sure you have the latest version of Thru Paint, LibFredo6, AND the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool installed.

I’m all updated. But let me check the Sketchucation Extension Store

Did you try posting at Sketchucation in the ThruPaint thread?

I did but no reply. I figure it out but my god this is complicated!!! (and very frustrating when you are in hurry)

Check this out:
1- I checked in LibFredo6 and it tells me I’m all up to date. (LibFredo6 3.5a)
2- I checked in Extension Manager and it tells me I’m all up to date. (LibFredo6 3.5a)
3- I checked in Sketchucation Extension Store and it tells me I’m all up to date. (LibFredo6 3.5a)
4- After reading your post, I decide to “quadruple” check the LibFredo6 lastest release on Sketchucation website and found out that there’s a 3.9a !!! I then update to this and it works. And when I say it works I mean Thru Paint 2 works and no longer propose me a license purchase. In the menu, the option license no longer exist. So after they told me I need to purchase a license, apparently I don’t.

I’m happy it works, and thanks for your help Dave but you have to admit that this is very confusing. I think SketchUp extension system and license deserve a HUGE rethinking.

What you describe implies that you haven’t been using the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool to install and keep extensions from there up to date. If you were, the Sketchucation ExtensionStore would tell you when there are extensions that need updating.

LibFredo6 3.5a would be ancient. It’s up to 13.9a now.

Did it tell you that after you clicked the yellow button at the bottom?

Extension Manager does not check extensions at Sketchucation. It only looks at extensions you installed from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

Again, that’s an ancient version of LibFredo6. You need to have used the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool to install extensions from Sketchucation in order for it to keep track of available updates for you. If you are downloading them and installing them manually the ExtensionStore tool has no way to know about them. Also, if you copied the extensions from an older SketchUp installation, there’s no way for the tool to track the extensions. That’s a reason I always recommend installing the current Sketchucation Extension Store tool when migrating to a new SketchUp version and then using it to install your bundle of extensions. You get the latest versions of the extensions from Sketchucation and you give the tool the ability to keep track of updates when they occur.


Haaaaa! No I didn’t, because the button was too low on the page and the bottom of the page was out of my screen. Dah!! I guest if I clicked on that button, I would have seen the LibFredo6 needs an update.

This is exactly what I’m saying: SketchUp and Sketchucation should have a serious discussion together.

When I install SU, I always use the bundle installation system. I never copied extension from an old version. However, it is possible that I installed an update from the Extension Manager with the button Install Extension and browse the rbz downloaded from Sketchucation website and not using the Sketchucation store. I didn’t know that by doing that, the Sketchucation store didn’t know I was installing the software. I realize now SketchUp and Sketchucation installers don’t talk to each other.

I’m a drafter, not a programmer. I always presumed using the SketchUp plugin manager was better than Sketchucation. This system needs a serious rethink. We should NOT have to deal with so many different system to install plugins and licenses. This is becoming a big problem in my workflow and through years, I have less and less patience with this problem.

Anyway… again, thanks Dave for your time.

Thru Paint wasn’t from Extension Warehouse, but I checked your EW extensions anyway. There were a couple of paid extensions that you might have had license problems on. I fixed those.


I know, but what I mean is: I downloaded the rbz file from the website and installed it FROM the extension warehouse with the button Install Extension. According to Dave, I should I’ve go in the Sketchucation Store extension, search for ThruPaint and updated it from there by clicking the red button “install”. Am I correct Dave?

Thank you so much to have fix my paid extensions problem.

Downloading the rbz file and using Install Extension from the Extension Manager skirts the SCF ExtensionStore tool which means the tool can’t keep track of updates that might have come along. The only Sketchucation extension I would install that way is the SCF ExtensionStore during setup of a new version of SketchUp or on a new machine. All others from Sketchucation get installed by the tool.

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