Trial of pro if you already have the shop version?

Is it possible to get a trial period of the Pro version if you already have the shop version? I’m very far with a design there ands i don’t want to lose it. I know you can upgrade your plan, but is that also possible with a trial period?

Thank you.

Yes, you should be able to do the 30 day trial even if you already have a Shop subscription. It won’t work on a Chromebook though. Do you have other computers?

Yes, I also have a normal laptop. Indeed, I had read somewhere that it didn’t work on the Chromebook.

Are there any plans to make this work? I really regret having to pick up the laptop for that since I almost always use the Chromebook.

PS. English is Google Translate English :wink: My own is worse.

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If you mean some other checkmark you will need to explain what you mean!

No I mean if I want to upgrade my plan. I didn’t quickly see that I had an option to get a trial period.

There are no plans to make SketchUp desktop version work on Chromebook. We are making a version that works on iPad. Other than that you would have to use the web version, which you are already doing.

To run the 30 trial you would install SketchUp on your PC, open it, and sign in. Then when you close and open SketchUp again the 30 days would start.

You could upgrade your plan and ask for a refund up to 14 days later. It would be better to take advantage of the 30 day trial, then be more confident that you do want to upgrade.

One thing to know, when you upgrade from Shop to Pro you don’t start a new 12 month subscription. Instead you convert the remainder of your Shop subscription to become Pro. For you that would mean you would renew next February, and not mid-March.

Also, you pay the difference in price for the remaining months. That would be just over 11 months of difference. So, Pro is $299 per year, you already paid $119 for Shop, making the 11 months of difference be about $170. By paying $170 now it would convert the remainder of your subscription to be Pro and not Shop. Then next February you would renew at the regular $299 for Pro.

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This does indicate that the pro also has a web version. Is this so different from the desktop version?

It can be confusing, because the desktop application is often referred to as SketchUp Pro. In this case the SketchUo Pro being referred to is the subscription. Pro subscription comes with both the desktop app and the Shop web app.

Ahaa thank you for your time. I’m going to subscibe to Pro.

One idea to think about, it looks like you paid the full price for Shop, and I am not sure if current promotions apply to the amount it would cost to upgrade. You could instead ask for a refund for Shop, and then take advantage of the 22% discount to get Pro for the first year.

I tried and the code is working from the image above. I didn’t go further. But i’m going to try in half an hour on my laptop.

For my curiosity, let me know what the final price ended up being.

I can’t see the price yet. I hope the offer from the image above is still available at april 14?

I don’t know when that promotion ends. It was in honor of the release of SketchUp 2022, and already we’re nearly two months later!

Don’t forget that if you do the upgrade it changes Shop to Pro for the remainder of the 12 months. Upgrading on April 14th would cost you less, especially if the promo is still in place, but it wouldn’t make the subscription go beyond Feb 27th next year.

The promo ended last friday…

That’s a shame. It was a €60,- discount for me. Better luck next time.

I saw a promo email just now that gives March 18th as the end date for the 22% discount.

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