Trays on second screen?



Is it possible to show the Trays on a second screen?


Yes. You can drag the tray by its title bar to another screen if you wish.


Super, thanks that helps a lot!



SketchUp User Guide


BTW, im actually quite used to having two rows of dialogues on my second monitor.

so, this is my setup which uses the feature you have described. You can have more than one set of trays.


And the same goes for LayOut, as well as SketchUp.
(LayOut has used the tray system for as far back as v7 [LOv2] at least.)


I love to use tabs on mine – Happy Sunday



Alas I all thumbs in trays on my second monitor (nvidia M4000) are blank.
They return to normal when the trays are moved to the principal monitor.
Again once they re-placed on the second monitor all of them (component, material, style) thumbs become white/empty/blank.

A I have already done a repair install - all in vain.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.