Tray suddenly has a minimum width

So, this problem has been discussed before, but as far as i see not reported as a bug, nor a clear solution given:

I had the same Problem before, now i have it again:
LO on my 2.5K 27" screen win10:

trying to resize:

I can workaround by “restoring default workspace”, but now i have to rebuild it again… painful.
There’s no way to save/export, MY workspace, and/or change the DEFAULT workspace to my wishes, right?

Why is there such a prominent menu entry for restoring the workspace?
Is it a known bug that it gets messed up, and this is some kind of quick-fix? I mean, it’s less prominent in SU…

LayOut uses a third-party library called Infragistics for this functionality. Since we don’t have complete control over the code in that library, we created “restore default workspace” to help folks out with issues like this. I agree, it’s a pain.

Did a “restore workspace” fix this issue permanently or does it reoccur?


Yes, restoring fixed it. But it’s not the first time, and i wish not to need to recreate my setup time and again.
I think there should be a way to save MY workspace, to also restore to that.
I have to say, the current state is quite ridiculous for a Professional piece of Software!
(I could imagine private users would have less treshold to not accept such ugly details and go look for competition.For them, it’s less cost-intensive to switch to an alternative, as it’s not connected to their professional work).

In the meantime, could you give a guide to how to manually save/export the current workspace? I guess it’s in the registry or some other file? (I think i seen some similar instructions for SU, but maybe outdated?)


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