Transparent background with shadows, scene

Tell me, please. I’ve been trying all week to figure out how to make a grocery render on a white background like an example.

What I do: I install studio lighting, it works well, but the background is still gray, not white.

If I make a white background through the settings, I don’t have shadows.

If I make an invisible floor through the material, it turns out to be completely wrong.

I need transparent background with shadow, like Amazon product card or furniture product card.

The alpha channel doesn’t help either. It is not rendered on RTX, only the CPU. And I’m not going to figure out the right lighting in this situation.

Maybe you can share a scene? I’m exhausted.
Or give me the settings.

V-Ray only renders the raw light by default - you need to process the light in the same way you might edit a photo.
The v-ray frame buffer has various post processing controls that will allow you to tweak the image to suit

Generally if I need to do this sort of thing I go back to my studio photography training. I create a seamless background and light it independently of the product so I can get a white background. Sometimes I’ll will give the material on the background illumination but you have to be careful with that because it can blow out the shadows. Then I export the image and in my image editor I remove the background. That’s easily done by selecting the background color and deleting it.

Here’s a quickie example. I didn’t put much effort into rendering the product because I mostly just wanted the shadow for the example. This is before deleting the background pixels.

I would normally let the render run longer and denoise the background more.

And here I’ve combined that image sans bacckground with an image of old paper just to show that you can see through background

If you remove the background, the shadow disappears.

Create a shadow separately?

Learn about Wrapper material.

click on image to see animation

Should the wrapper material be installed on the cyclorama? Or should it be illuminated only by the sun?

My shadow didn’t disappear when I deleted the background. You can see it is still there in the second image.

Indeed, I forgot that you can just delete the entire white color 255.255.255

Are you doing this in a cyclorama?

I set up the model with a seamless background. The object you’re rendering could be mounted on a “wall” instead if that’s more appropriate for the shadows you need.