Creating Website Product Render


I’ve spent some time creating each of our products in Sketchup and would now like to render them out for our website (using vray).

I’m sure i’m missing something really easy here. All I’m trying to do is have each product against a plain white background with a simple shadow.

Each product is saved as a component so my thinking was I could drag and drop each of the products one by one and render them out. This way all the products will be rendered from the same exact view point / angle and have similar shadows etc.

Please let me know if more information is needed.

Thank you.

Think about how you’d photograph the products if you were using a camera. Set up a white seamless backdrop and light the product as well as the backdrop to get the appearance you want. That’s how these were done.


Thanks for the reply. To be honest that was kind of what I expected and those screenshots are exactly what I’m trying to achieve.

Lighting is where I struggle the most in vray. I’ve watched quite a few videos on YouTube but the settings vary greatly and I struggle to replicate.

So would rounded corners create a seamless backdrop?

Any pointers on what would work best and roughly how to set it up? ie: Rectangle Light with Spot Lights or Omni Light with something else?

Thank you.

I’m afraid I’m just tying myself up in knots now and things are getting worse if anything.

Would welcome any tips or steps on how to get closer to this goal.

I’m just trying to replicate the above screenshot examples.

Thank you in advance guys.

I don’t use vray so I’m not going to be a lot of help with setting it. I use Kerkythea instead.

As for the seamless background, yes, large round corners will help. I used three spotlights for the little table and set them so they would cast very soft shadows. Generally I look for enough shadows to ground the piece and nothing more.


(1) Template

It would have been best to create a SketchUp model template file, with the “photoshoot” scene page already set up. But I suppose you can still do this and insert each component into a new file using the “photoshoot” template.

So, do one of them, (get it right) and save it. Then re-save by deleting the component instance, purging the component definitions, and File > Save As Template… (You can first set the template’s name and description in the Model Info > File panel if you will wish to see these in the template picklist later.)

Then use the template to process each component for rendering.

(2) Common Camera or Scene page

Your other alternative, would be to use a camera saving extension. To import a common camera setup to each file.

I think Christina wrote one. Yes this is the EW product page:

If you do this inside each component file, I’d suggest creating two scene pages, one for “work/editing” and the other for the “photoshoot” camera setup.