Transparency Problems

Sorry, its me again. I have problems with the crystals trasparency, as they dont seem to be transparent at all. They were transparent, but now they arent. Sorry for my english, and tnx for all your help, community

cafe.skp (13.9 MB)

Not sure what you mean by “crystals” … but your windows were modeled as double glazed … with two planes for each window. This results in four surfaces in SketchUp … each of which must be painted with a transparent material. I deleted one plane on each window … and then used one of your transparent materials on both side of the remaining plane.

240521A_cafe.skp (13.4 MB)

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I understand. Tnx bro, really, tnx. I searched everywhere and didnt found a solution until you commented. Its so nice having ppl that care for each other’s skecth up problems, like really, it helps a lot. Tnx bro, God bless you, and all homonyms