Transforming SVG files to Sketchup

My overall goal is to import SVG clip art into SU as a vector image. I saw a youTube video that suggested that I Import SVG into Blender and export to a Colluda file which Sketchup can import. I did this, but I am unable to modify the drawing. When I move over the image, it shows the universal stop sign, a circle with a slash through it.

How can I make the line drawings I imported modifiable?.

There are online converters that might do a good job. I just tried this one, and the results were good:

Thank you. I checked it out. Looks good. Ill try it in the morning.

Inkscape or Illustrator can also open a svg and save as dxf.


Good try, but it dis not work, perhaps because the file translation is not the problem. I am new to this forum, so this is my first attempt at showing an image.


When I click on the push/pull tool, and position the cursor close to an edge, I see the symbol red circle with a slash through it alongside of the cursor. Why? How do I make it go away?

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If you mean that is appearing as a small attachment to the arrow cursor, that would happen if you are outside of the group that is holding the edges and faces, or if you are inside the group and there are no faces. Try redrawing over one of the lines that should be surrounding a face.

Update: Upon inspection with “Info”, I determined that the drawing is “Not a solid”.

I installed “Solid Inspector 2” and asked that it fix all solid infractions. It fixed all but one. It says to fix it manually. I do not see anything wrong to fix.



Can you post what you have got so far?

An imported SVG file cannot be a SketchUp “solid”. It is a 2D format so what you get is either a bunch of edges or edges and faces. A SketchUp “solid” is a closed “watertight” 3D volume enclosed by faces, with every edge connected to two faces, no more or less.

Thank you, In what form do you want it posted?

FYI: My objective it to take 2 D line art in the form of an SVG file, convert it to 3D, Pull it to give it thickness, make some slight changes, then save it is STL for printing. I thought this would be easy … silly me.

Rabbit.skp (1.4 MB)

Everything I touch is for the first time, including this community tool.

The SKP you get when you import would be OK.

What I uploaded is after it was cleaned up by “Solid Inspector 2” leaving only one problem in my way.

I am interested in this type of models.

I am currently developing an extension to extract 2D contours from images.

Not yet finished, but in the meantime you can have a look at ImageTrimmer, by TIG.

Excellent! Please keep me on your mailing list. I’ll look at image trimmer. Thanks, and stay safe.

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Your rabbit works perfectly as it is. You should understand that it is a component. You cannot push-pull a component. You must open the component for editing (double-click on it with the Select tool). Then you can pull the white face to your desired thickness. Then just click outside the component to close it.

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I have been watching videos until my eyes bleed. They tell me a lot of things, mostly things I have no current interest in, but that won’t stop me from watching more.

You got right to the point. :slight_smile: