Transferring lines to a component

I am trying to cut a radius into a component based on a center position for the entire project. You will see in the images below I have used the radius tool to create the lines. However, when I go and edit the component the line does not exits. As a result, I can not reference that line to make the needed changes.

Does any one have any idea on how I can cut this radius into the specific component?

I would guess you’ve made components of the vertical pieces and the circle is drawn outside of the component. Select the circle, press Ctrl+X to cut it to the clipboard. Then open the component for editing and right click. At the top of the Context menu you should find a button for Paste in Place. Click it. Assuming the circle is correctly aligned with the face, the edges should dived the surface and you should be able to use Push/Pull to removed the part inside the circle. Erase the unneeded part of the circle.


ok. Then my problem is that every thing disappears when I double click on a component. How do I adjust that setting?


You must have Hide Rest of Model turned on. There’s no default keyboard shortcut for that in the web version your profile says you are using but you can click on the magnifying glass icon on the left and type ‘hide’ to find it and turn it off.
Screenshot - 4_15_2021 , 7_50_35 AM

Either way, that doesn’t matter for what you need to do to get the circle into the component. In fact it might be easier to see what you are doing if you leave Hide Rest of Model turned on.

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Awesome. That is exactly what I needed.



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