How to drag an inner component out?

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How do I drag an inner component out? I wish to 3D print them as separate components.

I’ve attached an image for clarity.

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Select within a window, right click, (reverse faces) and make it a group or component
You should make your parts as group or component and give them useful names

Check the underside of the removed part, needs a surface, draw a line on the rim or across…

Double click on the main component to get inside of it.
Select the inside component
Type “CTRL X” to cut the inside component
The inside component will disappear.
Click on a blank space outside the first component
In the EDIT menu, select PASTE IN PLACE
The inside component can now be moved wherever you want without exploding the main component

You can also use Outliner.

Your screen shot does not show the center, blue cylinder as a component. It shows it as loose geometry. If it isn’t actually connected to the larger white cylinder, you should be able to move it off of the large cylinder with the Move tool. If it is connected to the larger white cylinder you could use Move /Copy to move a copy of it over and then delete the original, unneeded geometry.

By the way, you will need to correct the face orientation so you don’t have exposed blue back faces and make sure that both cylinders report as solid components/groups before you export the .stl file for printing.

As was mentioned in the post before mine, you could cut the geometry of the smaller cylinder to the clipboard to remove it from the larger one. Contrary to those instructions, since you are using the free web-based version on Mac, however, you would use Command-X (or right click on the selected geometry and choose the Cut button at the top of the Context menu) to cut the selected geometry, then make sure the white cylinder is a component or group before right clicking in the model space and selecting Paste in Place from the top row of buttons in the Context menu. The pasted geometry will be selected after pasting. Immediately hit g and create a component. Then you can move it over where you want it away from the larger cylinder. Again you’ll need to correct the face orientation in the smaller one and make sure both are reported a solid in Entity Info.

And of course you won’t have Outliner in the free web version.


Paste in place:
Screenshot - 12_8_2020 , 9_27_51 PM

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