Guide line potential?

I would like the ability to locate a line that I have plotted and revert it to a guide line. This would include circles and arcs.
Components that I have tried to design have snapped to a surface or edge and when trying to remove the surface/edge I have had issues with my wanted line being deleted.
I admit I am new to SketchUp and still have a lot to learn.

My guess is that there is a way to do what you are trying to do without needing to add a feature that doesn’t exist yet. How about sharing a SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Your probably right in that I need to learn and practice more, I have only been using the software a few weeks. The model I was drawing needed the body to scale a component. Separating component retrospectively I have been having difficulty with but I shall struggle on.

No need to struggle. Share the file so we can help.

I would share the file if you can supply copyright or patent. Intellectual property is a thing right ?

I don’t see why the date design and my traceability would not grant automatic copyright but that is another issue that I would require evidence for.

If you are concerned about sharing the file (which is understandable, if it is sensitive material), can you duplicate the issue you are seeing in a separate job?

I have a cylinder with a part that touches the surface. At the edge of the front circle and the shaft. I am having difficulties deleting the face circle to then select the rest as a component due to some of the joined tangents being deleted at the same time.

variable vane.skp (446.6 KB)
I guess I’ll not get to see this completed so here you are.

How did you do the helix? they look good to me.

I probably give you the worst possible answer but … I’d start from scratch if you’re going to work with same dimensions you maybe can save the hardest pieces, but … I would do almost everything from zero.
If you have a blueprint or a plan with the dimensions I can try to help.

Something I learnt recently is that sometimes is good to make the components as soon as possible before going further.
Components are very usefull, one their qualities is they don’t get stick to another elements.

I see in your model that you’re using 24 segments for the cylinders, maybe you don’t requiere more detail, but you can set a bigger number of segments when you select the circle tool you can type 48s and press return if you want to use 48 segments, the recommendation is to be a number divisible by 4. it doesn’t matter the amount, the more number of segments the more smooth the circle would look like. I also see that there are different circles with same radius overlapping.

I used 3 point curve for helix. I could not create component as the guide shaft for helix when deleted removed parts of component.

Do you have a real picture of what you’re drawing? a blueprint, plan or something?
I will make use of components.

@alan50, I’m not sure if this is similar to what you’re looking for.
I guess it’s a little far from being perfect but it would be easier with a blueprint or plan.
This is my .skp file if you want to get some ideas from there (I used Curviloft extension for the helix): helix.skp (504.9 KB)

And this is how it looks:


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