Dual line component separation potential



Welcome to design and manufacture communication difficulties. :smiley:

Simplest way to do deflate over distance would be to reduce root curve tight end length but how much by depends on geometry setting and pixel step rate on drawing.

As I said, the models I did were fun to do.
You’re “quite impressive” with words.
And yes, I’m looking forward to seeing those sketches. Until then I hope we can both laugh about this thread.

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In truth I have many rough sketches of things I would prefer to see in the market place.
I have enjoyed this thread.
I do hope others have enjoyed it too.
Wo3Dan you are welcome to produce a drawing for the fan. I can give more details of other projects preferably by private email but I am having quite serious email problems. The mail I have tried to archive is not there and some emails I deleted are. I am not sure why this is the case but I have sent feedback to windows about it.

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This would also be useful for transcribing the root curve to the centre geometry so that these do not stick to surfaces. So that upon deletion the rest of the image is not affected.
I did find the tape measure after I posted this :wink:
It does relate to parallel lines and is not available for helices as far as I’m aware.

You might try the Spirix and U-V PolyGen plugins. The first will allow you to create surfaces formed by geometry that is “swept” using a variety of combined transforms. The second allows you to create arbitrary lines or surfaces from parametric equations of the form {x,y,z} = f(u,v). Both place the output in groups so it won’t combine with existing geometry.


U-V PolyGen:

I have to pay for the privilege of showing someone my designs allegedly. As when I tried the free one I didn’t get a copy. If it was a one time payment and offline there might be a product rather than a show and tell for expense.

On the other hand:
What if it didn’t?

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I have more than 4 hands sir.

If it didn’t share the image online why would the software have to be online ?
We could be talking multits.

What are you talking about?
There are people here happy to help you but you just won’t help us help you.

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Is that a specific request box ?
Are you even typing to the person who started the thread ?
I will add, show me your assistance you interfering no useful comment yet “…”

You are just a troll.
And your offensive comment below, that has since been deleted, confirmed for me that you have no respect for anyone and won’t be receiving any help from me.


If you had shown me your skill, I would have asked you to draw some designs I have in mind. Like:

Recurve bow, wave front dam.

Barometer surface area atmospheric pressure cross reference differential lift could enable hot output filtration to estuary flow & inland breeding areas. With planting inland of dam wall species preservation/ nurseries.
Flow turbine power generation possibilities depending on bypass maintenance access. Potentially differential cavitation oxygenators.

The differential cavitator is based on the very fan attempted to be described here. I could elucidate but you seem to have difficulty with my language.

Also useful for exhaust gas systems, and electric rocket stages. Shame descriptive language is not good enough.

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Only if it involves successful framification of the prime Turbo Encabulator.

Flabulance is fun but inductive phase variant synchronisation is not so simple.
Environment, equipment, staff.
My facebook page does have more info for this function that is worth development.
I can’t simply expect designers.
It takes a long time to learn software in order to make professional designs.
The longer deliberation is the less progressive.