Transfer model files from online to desktop version

Thankyou everyone for your previous help. If my students originally used the free online ‘for schools’ version and have now downloaded sketchup 2018, is there an extension available to transfer their work (we built sustainable cities) from the online version to the 2018 software version? If so , any advice on how to do this would be much appreciated. Thankyou kindly

Just go to the Folder Icon top left and use the Download option.

I’m pretty sure we tried that and it said something about newer version needed

when you download the file it asks which version you want to save it into : 2017, 2018 or 2019. just make sure you pick something else than 2019…

Hi @paul.millet . Thanks for the help. At which point does it ask you which version you want to save? When I press download from Google drive folder (as a .skp) it just goes straight down the bottom as a download without prompting. When I save it from the ‘sketchup for schools’, it saves straight on Google drive without allowing me to change the type either! Any advice?

You shouldn’t be in the Google drive folder. In sketchup online don’t click on the three bars that open the menu, click on the folder icon and hit download.
Not on my computer right now so I can’t give you a screenshot but I Will if you don’t find


As I said in my reply and Paul has repeated, use the Folder Icon and Download.

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Ah, I see. Will give this a go tomorrow at school. Thanks everyone

Thank you everyone @paul.millet @Box for your help :slight_smile: