Trajda - Tatra round the world No.2 - 3D print

My the latest project of expedition truck Tatra TerrN°1 called “Trajda” from the expedition “Tatra round the world 2”. I made the model in Sketchup from scratch and I 3D printed it on Prusa i3 MK2 and MK3. The scale is 1:16. I made also all graphics. Here are some pics, photos of real model, making of video, realtime render and more information.

Render from Sketchup with Styles

Photos of 3D printed model

Real truck

Photos of all 3D printed parts

Assembly scheme

3D realtime render

Making of video

My web about model

Web about the expedition Tatra around the world 2

Now I make the model in 1:43


That is truly amazing work! Nice job!

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Fantastic job - on the physical model, the SketchUp model, the assembly instruction pages, everything.


I just watched the video, which is both well done as a video and really shows the amazing model. The table covered with all the printed parts is an impressive view, really made me smile. When the physical camera orbited around the back of the assembled truck and I saw the ladder up to the roof, I said to myself “it would be great if that ladder actually unfolded” - and later in the video, you showed that the ladder does in fact unfold (along with opening doors, etc.)! Bravo.

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Thank you! Everytime I try to make so many mechanism as it’s possible. Thank you for watching :)…

Superb work!

Epic build, really impressive

Tak to je krása!

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the tech. specs of the T815 here.