Training Videos on Youtube: Too much labor to harvest

I received an email today titled SketchUp Community Summary.
One of the topics was about needing better tutorials than youtube videos.

Like the poster from this thread I too am just now learning how to drive SketchUp.
Like that poster I too am hungry for training information.

YouTube has a wealth of information but the problem is so much of it is obsolete.

If you type in the keywords for Dynamic Components you have to wade through contributions that were posted 5, 7 or 8 years ago. I have only been using SketchUp Pro for a little while but I have to imagine much has changed in the last decade.

Google has great search fields for all of it’s products.
It seems like it would be real simple to add a “date-posted” field.

Maybe the fine people at SketchUp could provide some of this too.
If they are going to crowd-source their training programs they could at least provide some measure of curating.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that SketchUp has no control over the vast majority of YouTube users who are creating SketchUp videos. Anyone who has figured out how to make screen capture videos and thinks can post videos to YouTube. It would be absolutely impossible to curate those videos.

It does make it difficult because anyone can post a video and call it a tutorial and for new users it is difficult to discern whether or not they are good tutorials or if they even are tutorials. I’ve seen a number of videos that claim to be tutorials that are nothing but a sped up video of someone fumbling through drawing a model and some objectionable loud background noise, er music. Whateryagonnado? It’s the internet.

A good way to “filter” the videos you see is to start with the ones that are listed on the official SketchUp YouTube Channel. Of course, these are not the only ones out there, but they are generally relevant to the release version and, hopefully, will help you learn the basics.

As @Daver mentioned, we have a hard time controlling what Google shows when you search for SketchUp training videos…

You are right. I hadn’t really thought that through. Of course Sketchup can’t moderate all the videos uploaded to Youtube.

GOOGLE, however, could require a date field when posting videos to youtube.
They are the greatest search engine in the world.
I imagine they could provide the functionality of sorting keywords by date.
Not exactly rocket surgery for a company like this.

Maybe you should pass the suggestion on to Google. They might take you up on it.

There’s a “Filter” option that you can use to limit the search time-frame:

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