Trail version Fredo extension expired after 1 day

On 10/01/23 I downloaded and installed the Fredo6 ‘RoundCorner’ extension and was able to use it as a trail version on the 10th and until this afternoon the 11th. This version should function for 30 days, but now receive the message ‘Trail period expired’, ‘Trial period has expired since Thu 30 Dec 2021’ within two days.

I installed two other Fredo extensions ‘FredoCorner Round’ and ‘Curviloft’ at the same time and neatly give ‘Trial Period will expire on Thu 09 Feb 2023’.

There have been no changes or updates to my OS during this time.

Any idea how I can restore this? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the extension and then restarted SketchUp.

Did you install the current version of the Sketchucation Extension Store tool? That is required for proper management of the licenses for Fredo6’s extensions.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Go. That version doesn’t have any facility for installing extensions. What version are you actually using? Please correct your profile.

Thx for your quick reaction! As for my profile: that’s right. I use GO and have also installed a trail version of PRO. If both PRO and the extensions work well, I want to buy it. As soon as I purchase the license I adjust my profile.

I installed the ExtensionStore 4.3.0. Reinstalled the extension through this tool, but the situation remains the same.

Do you have the newest version of LibFredo installed ?
That’s also needed for the correct operation of the Fredo extensions you listed…

Certainly. I have uninstalled all extensions and the two tools (LibFredo6 and ExtensionStore) and also removed them from the relevant directories.

Then re-installed the ExtensionStore v4.3.0 plus LibFredo v13.6a via SketchUp. Then downloaded and installed all extensions again via the ExtensionStore app. All files are of the most current version.

Problem persists only for the RoundCorner extension. All other Fredo extensions neatly have the 30-day trail…

Hopefully @Fredo6 will reply with some more suggestions…