Fredo Scale not installing

I have a perpetual license of Fredo scale but still it shows the version has expired. Now i cannot access to my old and new version

Do you have the current version of the Sketchucation Extension Store installed? And the current LibFredo6?

Which version of FredoScale do you have installed. The good one should be FredoScale v3.5a, along with LibFredo6 v13.2a.

Can also give more detail on the message where ‘the version has expired’.

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I have 4.2.6 version of Sketchucation extension

The current version is 4.2.9

I had Fredo v3.4 and unfortunately, I uninstalled it. I do have my perpetual license for fredo scale v3.4 but how to download it again? I tried downloading v3.5b but it doesn’t show in my toolbar options in sketchup.

My current version of LibFredo is v12.8a

The current version is 13.2a