Libfredo6 Fredo_scale (outdated signature)

I m running the latest version of MACos (mojave) and i m using Sketchup pro 2018, I ve downloaded and installed the plugin. Fredo_Scale
When i restart sketch up the following note pops up: (you must install Libfredo6 version 6.9 or higher to run fredo6_fredoscale)

I ve checked and i do have the latest version of Libfredo6 8.7

But still on the extension manager the fredo_scale plugin shows with an outdated signature message.

Am i doing something wrong within the installation?, because i have fredo6_round corner which is working fine.

Evidently you are running an old version of FredoScale. Get fresh versions of both FredoScale AND Lib_Fredo6 from Sketchucation.

The current version of FredoScale will show as signed.

thanks Dave , I do have the latest version.

I think i solve the problem , when install the fredo_scale directly from the sketch up warehouse it doesn’t work, only when download it from sketchUcation web site , now it seams to be working.

Fredo’s extensions are hosted at Sketchucation and that should be the only place you get them from.

Install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to make it easy to install extensions from there.

great thanks.