Trade Show and Exhibit Industry Professionals

I am looking to connect with others using Sketchup/Layout to create drawings for the trade show/exhibit industry. Construction drawings, setup/assembly drawings and utility plans to be used for trade show booths (or stands if you’re not in the US). Exhibit designers welcome too! I have been using Sketchup this way for the last few years and I truly believe that Sketchup has the potential to replace AutoCAD as the industry standard. Hoping to find likeminded professionals to collaborate with. Something of a mastermind group to share best practices, tips and advice on how we all use the program, likely in different ways for the same or similar purposes. It’s such a niche industry and I think there would be great value in something like this. Please reply to this thread or message me directly if you’re interested.

Hi Aaron,

Myself and two of my fellow founders had the exact same thought as you a couple of years ago, and together we created SLOPED. We too believe that SketchUp + LayOut together far exceed AutoCad as a design and drafting tool. The three of us, independent of one another, started using a full SU+LO workflow many years ago. We all have our own small businesses (architecture, interior design and millwork fabrication design), and we were having trouble finding people that were ‘experts’ in the field to hire when we needed an extra hand.

We discovered that there was nowhere to go to find true SU+LO pros, so we decided to start SLOPED. We test and certify people in their SU+LO skills. Some of these people are happy with the certification alone, others are freelancers and become certified SLOPED members, and we connect them with other small businesses that require SU+LO experts and can’t find them. Because of our certifications, we have a small but mighty talent pool of extremely skilled professionals.

If you’d like to connect with us, feel free to reach out. The website is and our email address is We’re always thrilled to speak with like-minded SU+LO enthusiasts.