I want to diagram trade shows. Is SketchUp a match?

I’m looking for diagramming software to layout trade shows and other events that happen in convention centers. I need to diagram the pipe and drape and add tables and chairs to the different booths. It’s primarily line drawing but someone just left here and was bragging big time on SketchUp. I figured I’d ask you folks.
Thanks in advance for your advice.

You could make components for the various elements and use them to make your layouts. Those components can be 3D or 2D depending upon what you need to show. Then use LayOut (the program that comes with SketchUp Pro) to create the documents you need to send to others or print.

@mdroyal, you could consider making them ‘Glue to & Cut Face’ components. To place them on the “hugh” floor face.

if you only ‘ever’ want to create 2d floor plans then SU is probably not for you…

if you want to move towards 3d representations with the ability to share as 2d versions, then SU is worth considering…



Do you have an example of the desired result?

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Yeah, definitely! To build on the other comments, once you see the 3D options, you probably will abandon 2D diagramming like a pile of fax machines.
One of my SketchUp training clients modeled a few trade show kiosks last year. Seeing them in 3D really improved her designs. Being able to do a virtual walk-through especially helped her resolve line of sight and clearance issues which 2D drawings hadn’t revealed to her. Plus, SketchUp is fun to use and makes more sense to viewers than anything 2D.

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