SLOPED - A new place for SketchUp and LayOut businesses and freelancers to connect

Hi All,

We’re starting this thread to create more awareness, as well as a line of communication regarding a new company that has been started called SLOPED.

Its main objective is to vet, test and certify SketchUp users, as well as connect them with companies who are in need of people with that level of skill and do not know where to find them on a consistent basis for their projects.

We have a variety of exams in different industries (architecture, interior design and cabinet design and we are currently working on set design and landscape architecture), and the exams themselves are a practical 3-hour event, which is conducted via Zoom and proctored by one of the founders or a vetted and qualified Sloped member.

The founders are a freelancer (Keith) and two small business owners (Kendall and Joanne), in the fields of cabinet design, architecture and interior design respectively. We have come together out of the need for this very service. It is in part self-serving and entrepreneurial!

If anyone has any questions about how it works, this is a good place to ask. Fire away!

You can also take a look on our website at


I googled Sloped and got a lot of definitions and images of slopes but nothing about your company. Do you have a URL? Where do we find information on your company?

@mballes is the address

Well that’s a great first question!! The URL is

We also have an instagram page here Sloped Instagram Link

i have checked about the site and how it works… but i don’t know if the best way to start is by paying to get a membership.

that will hold up a lot of people and it will be a first that i have to pay so i can work.

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Hi Bassel, I’m glad you’ve addressed the membership fee.

One of our core values when creating SLOPED was to avoid the ‘race to the bottom’ model that can be seen with websites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Toptal or others where free membership and signup is offered. Our aim is to be more exclusive and for serious professionals only, and a membership fee increases the likelihood of that, as we have observed through our own personal and professional endeavors. We accept that this means that we will not have the same volume of memberships as the aforementioned websites, but that is in fact one of our aims.

We have made mention on the website that for some, this cost may be prohibitively expensive, and if you are one of those people, we would be happy to discuss alternative options.

I see that you actually signed up for Sloped a while ago.

We have been offering free memberships and entry tests to the first five people that signed up as an independent professional. I think we might still have one slot open there. After that we are offering memberships and tests at 50% off the regular price. Currently that is $175.

Might be worth it to get in early.

Thanks, took a look at the site and it is intriguing. I took the preliminary exam but did not get a result. how long does it take for the results to be tabulated?


You must scroll to the top and then do the Captcha thing.

It is set to send you a response immediately, but if you didn’t see it, I will send you a private message with your score.


ok i will take a look on it

Sloped is starting to experience some growth.

As a result we are looking for IP’s (independent professionals) with Sketchup and Layout skillsets in the commercial and residential millwork, cabinetry, display and furniture fields. If you have assembly and construction backgrounds in these fields and also are accomplished with Sketchup and Layout to produce design and engineering drawings for production purposes we would love to talk with you.

Please visit this page on our website and take our entry quiz. Preliminary Quiz — SLOPED