A new platform for connecting SketchUp and LayOut professionals to employers

Hello to the SketchUp community! If you’re a SketchUp & LayOut professional who has ever found yourself looking to connect with potential employers, or conversely, an employer who is looking to connect with SU&LO professionals for contract work, you’re in luck!

A new platform is being developed by 3 community members (myself included) called ‘SLOPED’ that tests prospective members to determine their SU&LO abilities, and matches them to the appropriate employers on a project basis. If you are interested in being a part of this effort, please sign up on the website - www.sloped.io - We are looking for signups to determine the market size and interest.

The goal is for the service to be launched in late 2022. If you’re signed up, you’ll get regular newsletters informing you of the progress!!